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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gnome takes up residence at Alden’s Mill House-By Priscilla Miller

When a large section of a 92 foot pine tree,blew down during a storm, and damaged the roof of the Alden Mill House, owners Colleen Richmond and Joy Moglovkin, had no choice but to have the tree cut down. Colleen had an idea however, she wanted to do something that would honor her parents,Gino and Joy Moglovkin, founders of the Mill House. She had all but a 12 foot section of the tree removed and then began looking for someone who could do chain saw carving. 

 She consulted Dave Hilberg of East Jordan, owner of The Wood Butcher, explaining to him, that for 20 years a gnome garden statue sat in the front yard of the Mill House and then two years ago, someone decided to walk off with it. Colleen showed Hilberg a gnome figurine she had, and asked if he could duplicate it using what remained of the old tree. 

Hilberg fired up his chain saw and went to work. Three days later, his work was complete. Hilberg, who has been carving for ten years says, “It’s the first time I’ve ever done a gnome. It was a real challenge, but I had fun doing it and a real feeling of satisfaction, when I saw how pleased Colleen was with the carving.” 

Employees of the Mill House, chipped in and secretly commissioned Hilberg’s wife Wendy to carve a magnigicent chair, complete with lumbar support for Colleen, so now she can sit in comfort and admire the as yet, unnamed gnome.  Colleen says,“I’ve had several suggestions, but I’m leaning toward naming it Gnomeo.” Several other carvings by the Wood Butcher and his wife, are also on display in the Mill House gardens, but the giant gnome, is the center of attention, as tourists stop to admire it, and pose for photos next to it.  

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